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Stress and Mental Health Resources

We recognize that stress happens. Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned and that can create a lot of stress. Stress impacts all aspects of our well-being, but especially our ability to cope and to thrive – our mental, emotional & spiritual health.

How Does Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Play a Role in Our Well-Being?

Recognizing your own and others emotions and responding appropriately makes a difference. It is the ability to cultivate positive thoughts, practice self-compassion, express emotions and consciously choose your responses; including, engaging in support systems to help cope. A strong sense of spirituality provides important benefits to health. It is linked with a sense of meaning and purpose which offers a sense of direction, shapes goals, influences behavior, and provides comfort during life’s challenges.

What Can You and Your Team Do?

Facilitate warm connections with others and encourage opportunities to express gratitude, self-compassion, mindfulness. Offer resources to support healthy coping skills, recovery and resiliency.

NWWA Caregiver Resources

Providence Caregiver COVID-19 Resources: programs and temporary benefits to care for you during the COVID-19 pandemic. This site details benefits information, wellness resources, and more.

Mental health care for benefit enrolled caregivers and family members: Quick Navigation Tip: Log in to the HR Service Portal, from the HR Service Portal Home Page, In the search bar, enter “SPD” or “Summary Plan Description.” Once you open the SPD document, search for “mental health.”.

My Mental Health Matters:  Resources devoted to supporting the mental and emotional health of every Providence Caregiver. Download and share the flyer.

Quick Navigation Tip: Log in to the HR Service Portal, from the HR Service Portal Home Page, go to the top green navigation bar on the upper left and select ‘Find HR Information’ select ‘Well-Being’ from drop down menu.

Caregiver Assistance

Quick Navigation TipLog in to the HR Service Portal, from the HR Service Portal Home Page, go to the top green navigation bar on the upper left and select ‘Find HR Information’ select ‘Well-Being’ from drop down menu.

OR visit the Choose Well – Mental Health Resources Page, scroll down and find the Caregiver Assistance Resources drop down tab. Also includes Behavior Health Concierge, which does not replace the Caregiver Assistance Program, but is an enhanced service for behavioral health needs

CredibleMind Caregiver Wellbeing resources through CredibleMind. Explore approaches and steps you can take to be resilient and resourceful. For Providence caregivers and their dependents in Washington and Montana, counselors are available. Call 833-PBH-WELL

SilverCloud Available at no cost to all caregivers through our caregiver assistance program. It provides self-guided cognitive behavioral therapy programs to help caregivers work through stress and build a toolkit for resilience

NWWA Mission/Spiritual Care Resources 

Spiritual Care: Phone: 425-404-7025, 24/7/365

Chaplains are available to all caregivers and serve people of all or no faith. Chaplains can help nurture your spiritual and emotional well-being by creating a safe space to process. If you are experiencing spiritual, emotional, or existential distress our chaplains are here for you.

Critical Incident Stress Management: Phone: 425-404-7025, 24/7/365

The PRMCE Critical Incident Stress Management Team is prepared to assist any person or group of people faced with a traumatic or critical incident.  Examples of critical incidents include, but are not limited to: a traumatic death or incident at work, the death of a child, death of a co-worker, unexpected tragedies, patient cases involving distressing circumstances, etc.  The team is available for individual support, formal group debriefs, and stress education.

Conversations in Compassion:

Everything we know about trauma-informed care and resiliency training tells us that social and spiritual support are vital for everyone right now. Many patients are facing health challenges without family members at their side. And that weighs heavy on you, our caregivers, who continually go the extra mile to support them. But what are you doing to support your own social and spiritual needs? The Caregiver Engagement Team has partnered with Spiritual Care and Behavioral Health to present “Conversations in Compassion,” a 30-minute session offered each Friday, from 12:30-1 p.m., to support your social and mental well-being. Click here to join the Teams meeting.


Caregiver Well-Being Resources

Mental health care for benefit enrolled caregivers and family members: Quick Navigation TipLog in to the HR Service Portal, from the HR Service Portal Home Page, In the search bar, enter “SPD” or “Summary Plan Description.” Once you open the SPD document, search for “mental health.”

My Mental Health Matters:  Resources devoted to supporting the mental and emotional health of every Providence Caregiver. Download and share the flyer.

Mindfulness Support Group: We recognize the rapidly changing environment that everyone is working in right now. Pausing briefly to notice and center is helpful in even the most stressful and hurried of situations. As an offering, we are holding daily Mindfulness Support groups for caregivers to drop in online. All caregivers are invited to attend at ANY part of the session. So feel free to step in or out at any time. sessions will be held daily, Mon-Fri, 12:05 p.m. – 12: 25 p.m. Pacific, 20 min. We will do a brief check-in and spend our time guided meditation for focus, breath and centering We hope that you will share this offering with both your front line and remotely working caregivers. Meeting as a group offers a pausing opportunity, and a way to center and connect for the day. Laura Chun and Mark Johnson | Facilitators, Mindfulness Community of Practice Greater Good Berkeley and American Nurses Foundation have teamed up to offer “Gratitude Practice for Nurses”, which offers a range of tools to help nurses cultivate gratitude themselves and among their colleagues, including: a downloadable Toolkit for Well-Being, tips on how to apply the Toolkit in health care settings, along with several other practices & resources

Local Well-being Resources

NWWA CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program): successful lifestyle education program offered at PRMCE. A 9 week program, with weekly 90 minute sessions.  Sessions include educational videos, discussion, and health food demonstrations. Those who complete the course are eligible for10,000 choose well points!  Offered quarterly. Any interested caregivers contact. [email protected]

Choose Well Resources (caregiver well-being program)

Benefit eligible caregivers can earn a health incentive for participating in Choose Well, our voluntary caregiver well-being program powered by Virgin Pulse. A daily well-being website and app where you track your activities to earn points towards your rewards or health incentive. Virgin Pulse: 844-930-1238 Visit Choose Well (Virgin Pulse)

*Currently Featured Resources (chosen by NWWA Caregiver Equity & Well-being)

Choose Well Go-To Well-being Resources Page: Includes the following:

  • Back-up child and Elder Care
  • Behavioral Health Concierge and Caregiver Assistance Program. Dowload and share the flyer.
  • Financial Well-Being
  • Nicotine Free
  • Omada Weight Management and Diabetes Prevention Program
  • NSB – Stress: Explore New Stress Response Strategies Worksheet with ‘In the Moment’ embedded short video resources. Download and share the flyer.

Choose Well  Mental Health Resources Page: Includes the following:

  • Stress Meter
  • Caregiver Assistance Resources & Behavioral Health Concierge
  • Talkspace App (24/7 Caregiver Assistance)
  • Sanvello App ( On-demand help with stress, anxiety and depression)
  • No One Cares Alone-#BeThe1To (5 actionable step to support your co-workers)
  • Covid-19 Resource Site
  • Accessing Your Mental Health Benefits
  • Parenting During Covid-19
  • Additional Resources (Resiliency and Mental Health Guides and Toolkits)

Healthy Discounts: available to all Providence NWWA Caregivers, through LifeBalance. From fitness clubs and family attractions to weight management and whitewater rafting, discounts are offered on purchases and activities that help our members stay active, reduce stress, and live life to the fullest.

Video Resources

Navigating Stress and Burnout Class – Learn how to pinpoint your personal stressors and create a game plan to reduce them, so the fear, anxiety and stress we’re all experiencing don’t lead to burnout and compassion fatigue.

Dr. Christine Runyan Presentation on burnout – The risk of burnout is real for those in service work. While burnout is the opposite of engagement, it often follows intense periods of (over) engagement. In this presentation Dr. Runyan discusses a series of recommendations that can allow you to be in service to yourself on a day-to-day basis. This practice is necessary in order to sustain your work over time. Originally presented at the 2021 Edge of Amazing Summit, the presentation is now available to view free of charge, for all Providence Caregivers. Presented by Providence Institute for a Healthier Community.

Visit our library of stress and mental health videos for helpful meditation guides, yoga classes and more.

Local Community Resources

LiveWell Local Logo powered by Providence Institute for a Healthier Community, is a hyper-local search and collaboration tool for health and well-being resources that makes it easy to find and connect with the many community assets in Snohomish County that support health and healing.

Here you can connect with a wide range of local assets that support and enhance the quality of life for you, your family and your patients in Snohomish County.

Type in a keyword or browse the topic categories under Security and Basic Needs – to support your well-being journey.  

Download a flyer to share with your community.

Helpful Hotlines and Website Resources

Beyond Normal Podcast: Expert-led podcast series to promote self-care during COVID-19.

Caring for Caregiver Resources

Leading Through Crisis: A Resource Compendium for Nurse Leaders Read, listen and engage in brief exercises for practical insights and effective strategies for coping, staying centered, building resilience and leading with integrity amidst challenging circumstances. Continuing education credits available; see individual resources for details. (American Hospital Association)

Standford WellMD: Resilience Helpful practical tip, assessments, and videos

Crisis Lines and Suicide Prevention

Learn About Mental Health

Meditation and Gratitude


Counselor Directories

The list below includes additional tools for finding counselors and services that may be covered by insurance.

Good Therapy: Online portal that allows users to search for counselors by insurance type, language(s) spoken, accessibility needs, schedule availability, and more.

Multicultural Counselors: Network of Washington Counselors of Color that serves an array of clients seeking counseling and therapy from providers who understand the specific needs of people of color and various cultures.

Peer Seattle: A non-profit organization providing peer emotional support and services to the LGBTQ community and their allies for mental health, chemical and behavioral addiction, and chronic illness. Phone: 206-322-2437

Psychology Today: Online portal that provides behavioral research, helpful articles, and a directory of counselors who provide mental health services in the U.S. and internationally.

Helpful Apps

Headspace This app is great for meditation newbies or those who are curious about what all the buzz is about. Got kids? Headspace for Kids has options for three different age categories: 5 and under, 6 to 8, and 9 to 12. 

Calm App For meditation and relaxation support.

Day One Journaling is one of the best ways to clear your head and keep stress in check. 

Flipd The app helps you disconnect by locking your screen for a set amount of time.

Stop, Breathe, and Think Look no further than its name to understand what this app does: helpful prompts to take mindfulness breaks during the day.

White Noise For some individuals, though, white noise can block out background noise and improve focus. 

Yoga Wake Up Start the morning off by being mindful.

Youper: Take control of your emotional health with personalized feedback and messages

Happy is proud to partner with the American Nurses Foundation to support nursing professionals as part of the Well-being Initiative 

Mental Health Matters

Explore resources devoted to supporting the mental and emotional health of every Providence Caregiver