Well-being is dynamic and made up of much more than clinical outcomes.

It takes many factors working together for individuals and communities to thrive. Whole-person health matters. Whole-person health requires that mind, body and spirit work together to create well-being. Our neighborhoods matter. Our relationships matter. We are interconnected. The health of those close to us and the health of our collective communities makes a difference.

Snohomish County Health and Well-Being Monitor

Every year, PIHC conducts a survey that measures the health and well-being of Snohomish County residents. The survey is centered around the Six Dimensions of Health and creates a baseline for community health, helping our partners anticipate and address changes in local well-being. 

Explore the Six Dimensions of Health

Health and well-being mean different things to different communities. Instead of telling communities what it means to be healthy, we asked them. Our community selected 24 measures that are valuable to them, from which we’ve developed six dimensions.

Relationships & Social Connections

Healthy relationships are vital to health. Strong family ties, friendships, and partnerships can increase our sense of security, self-esteem, and belonging and provide a buffer against stress, anxiety, and depression. Low social connection is linked to declines in physical and mental health.

Physical Health

Physical health is both a state of being and a practice. Behaviors such as diet, exercise, sleep and stress have a profound effect on disease conditions and well-being. Physical health is also directly linked to hygiene routines, tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, workplace safety and more.

Mental & Emotional

Recognizing your own and others' emotions and appropriately responding makes a difference. It is the ability to cultivate positive thoughts, practice self-compassion, express emotions and consciously choose your responses, including engaging in support systems to help cope.

Security & Basic Needs

Having enough and freedom from worry play an essential role in a person's health. Lack of access to basic needs and personal safety are linked at all stages of life to physical and mental illness, post-traumatic stress, shorter lifespans and lower quality of life.

Neighborhood and Environment

In important ways, your zip code defines your health. Safe, connected, walkable neighborhoods with access to nutritional food, good education for children, and human services make it easier to enjoy well-being.

Work, Learning & Growth

Employment, education and opportunities for personal growth are bedrocks of well-being. Using available resources to develop and create opportunities that resonate with your unique gifts, skills, and talents contributes to meaning and purpose and helps you remain active and involved throughout life.