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Equity Resources

As the third largest medical community within the United States, Providence has committed itself to a vision of building, “Health for a Better World;” a world that is diverse and inclusive of all races, genders, religions, identities, and experiences. With a promise to “Know you, care for you, and ease your way,” Providence-Swedish acknowledges its responsibility to embrace, empower, and equip our profoundly diverse Caregivers, Patients and Communities. As an institution that is founded upon the principles of compassion, human dignity, and justice, Providence-Swedish stands behind the mission to create a world where our Caregivers, our Patients, and our Community are not only diverse, but they also belong.  In order to stand with our mission, we have to look at EQUITY. Equity first names inequality,  addresses the pathway to equality, and then takes actions in order to close the gap of inequality.

Accessibility Resources


Whether it is a short term disability, long term disability, visible or internal disabilities, knowing your benefits matters.

Community at Providence

Being the “only one” is hard. The only woman in the room, the only Black member on your team, the only LGBTQAI+ representative in your department. People who feel alone deal with being tokenized, ostracized, and criticized for who they are. Here at Providence, we are changing that. The way we do that, is start with community. By coming together, we find solidarity in our shared experiences. Together, we empower one another’s voices and opinions. So find your community today by joining a Caregiver Resource Group. To get started, email Kaila Creamer at [email protected]

Gender Equity Resources

Changing your Pronouns:

Updating Email Display Name:

  • Click here to get started
  • Navigate to the upper left, click “Manage Identity” and select “Edit Identity-Self”
  • Add your pronouns after your first name in the “Preferred First Name” field – ex (Megan (She/Her)
  • Hit “Submit” and your name will update. Can take several hours to overnight to populate in Outlook.

Womens Empowerment

  • Female Mentorship: Because women are systemically underrepresented in leadership, other women find it challenging to find mentors who represent who they are and where they want to go. In order to help close the gap OWN TRAIL has provided a platform to connect women all over the world to learn from one another. Join today to be a part of an effort where women support women. OwnTrail | There’s no one right path through life — just yours.
  • Empowering Women Resources: Empower Women – Resources


Racial Justice Resources

Your Voice Matters!

Get Involved:

Your Voice Matters!

  • Providence: Submit your story, your journey, your ideas, and your opinions on where Providence needs to act in order to bring Diversity, Equity, and Belonging. Email Kaila Creamer.
  • Sign Petitions, email congress, and call local Elected Officials on issues you care about.


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