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Caregiver Diversity and
Well-being Committee

The Diversity and Well-Being Committee (DWBC) is a Caregiver centered committee focused on empowering our Caregivers in leading diversity, equity and inclusion and well-being initiatives for our patients, for our community, and for our own Caregivers. This committee meets once a month to reflect, share resources, plan upcoming events, and network with other Providence Caregivers.

Read the charter here or download a flyer to share.

“At the heart of diversity, equity, and inclusion is a vision to create a world where people are SEEN, people are HEARD, and people are LOVED.”​ – Kaila Alvarez (She/Her/They) , NWSA Manager of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ​

How to Join the DWBC

If you’re interested in joining the DWBC Committee click here.

The Diversity and Well-being Committee meet monthly, on the third Tuesday.


  • Kaila Alvarez – Diversity, Equity, and Well-Being Manager – Diversity Council Chair
  • Barry Stueve Chief Missions Officer – Diversity Executive Sponsor
  • Jessica Burt – Program Director PIHC Ops – Elected Co-chair
  • Vacant (Elected Co-chair)

Why Join the DWBC

Your voice matters! Come support a hub of equity and well-being ambassadors and advocates for caregiver equity and well-being.


  • Take action by joining our monthly DWBC Meetings.
  • Lead a movement or an event.
  • Witness your impact
  • Embrace – help create an enviornment where all Caregivers feel like they belong
  • Empower – provide opportunities for self-care, healing and reflection
  • Equip – access opportunities for education, training and access to well-being resources.