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MyLiveWell360 is “people-powered” health and well-being. An opportunity for you to discover what matters, take action and participate in a meaningful program with support from local resources. You can choose where you want to start and how far you want to go! MyLiveWell360 offers a place to begin or perhaps begin again. 


Click the button below and we’ll walk you through the process of creating your personal well-being plan. Or scroll down to choose where you’d like to begin.

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Assess Your Well-being

How does your personal health compare to the rest of Snohomish County? Find out by taking the Health and Well-being Monitor. Your results will show areas you may want to focus on as you continue developing your plan.


Understand the Six Dimensions of Health

As you begin, remember that health is affected by all the environments to which we are exposed. Understanding how social determinants or conditions of daily living and racial inequities contribute to our well-being gives deeper insights into how our personal health is affected by the environments where we work, live and play.

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Find Your ‘Why’ 

Why. This your motivation. It gets you started, carries you through tough times and keeps you going! Why is it important that you make this happen? What value, experiences, or positive effect will it add to your life, your relationships or even your community and/or the broader community? What is this ‘costing’ you by not moving forward?


Set SMART Goals

Set realizable goals that allow you to take charge of your life and help put you on your own path to greater well-being!

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Find Local Health and Well-being Resources to Support Your Plan

LiveWellLocal.org is a community-sourced hub for local well-being resources. Once you’ve taken the Health and Well-being Monitor and created your personal well-being plan, use LiveWellLocal.org to find the health & well-being resources that support your goals.

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