Partnerships are at the
heart of PIHC’s work.

By focusing on partnerships, we work to get access, resources, power and the locus of control as close to the community as possible. Below, you’ll find a few examples of the ways we partner with community organizations to create happier, healthier communities. 

Community Coalition of Stanwood-Camano

PIHC Custom Communities

Community Coalition of Stanwood-Camano is a collaboration of community-minded organizations that began working together in January 2017 to identify and address unmet needs within the Stanwood-Camano community. They work together to identify needs, develop strategies, and implement programs that address the unique challenges faced by the Stanwood-Camano community.

In 2019, the Communtity Coalition partnered with PIHC to create a hyper-local online resource hub built using Custom Communities. Custom Communities are built on the existing resource hub platform, but are customized for a specific community or topic.

Improving School Attendance

PIHC My Community Health and Well-being Monitor

Improving School Attendance (ISA) is a collaboration between more than 20 nonprofits aimed at figuring out why students miss school and how to get them back in the classroom. Students miss school for many reasons, from their parents’ work schedules to lack of transportation to homelessness. 

ISA uses PIHC’s My Community Health and Well-being Monitor to track the needs and changes in the lives of the families they work with. The My Community Health and Well-being Monitor is a survey designed to address all six dimensions of health, helping ISA to uncover needs or barriers to school attendance that might not be immediately apparent and create customized action plans for participants. Because the Health and Well-being Monitor is conducted annually in Snohomish County, ISA can track the way participant’s well-being differs from the county as a whole, and quickly identify the areas that might be easiest to address.

The Monitor also allows ISA track families progress in the program, helping them ISA to discover that families who participated in the program for about 2 years saw a 44% drop in food insecurity and a significant improvement to transportation access. Learn more about ISA here.

Read more Health and Well-being Monitor Case Studies:

Improving School Attendance (full case study)
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The Equity Partnership of Snohomish County

PIHC Custom Communities

The Equity Partnership of Snohomish County was formed during the Covid-19 pandemic to improve equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines and related services. During the pandemic, the Equity Partnership helped connect BIPOC communities with culturally-appropriate vaccine resources, including translation services, transportation and local community clinics. 

To help facilitate their work, the Equity Partnership of Snohomish County created a custom community. Custom Communities are digital resource hubs that are built on the existing platform, but are customized for a specific community or topic. By using a custom community, the Equity Partnership was able to quickly create a hub for vaccine resources designed specifically for the communities they serve. The hub helped BIPOC communities to easily access culturally-appropriate Covid-19 vaccine resources.

Partnerships in Community Events and Outreach

We believe engaging individuals where they live, work and play builds meaningful relationships and encouraging shared knowledge, better connections to resources and confidence in leading healthier lives. Learn more here.

See us in community

To find us or other services lines at events in the community, see our HEP event calendar here.

You can also find many other upcoming community events by following our Facebook page here.

Service Line Event Partners

Our education/outreach team draws from a variety of service lines across Providence Regional Medical Center Everett, each with their specific focus and area of interest.  Team members are advocates and trusted resources for science-based health information, messages, and campaigns on a variety of topics.

  • StrokeStroke Services joins PIHC in community outreach by providing preventive education to the community.
  • PICCAYou can find PICAA out in community, joined by PIHC, providing community outreach and advocacy, supporting survivors, and bringing awareness to their services at Providence Intervention Center for Assault and Abuse.
  • PACE – Providence ElderPlace is both a health insurance and a health care provider. You can find the PACE program out in community at various outreach events, promoting their services, and advocating for those who are eligible for the program.
  • Hospice and Homecare – You can find Hospice and HomeCare joining PIHC in community outreach by educating the community of the services provided, along with resources, and information.

Service Learning

We are also grateful to have UW Bothell Fieldwork Students as part of our team since our department launched in 2015. Students have helped to support many of our programs, and you can most often meet a student or two assisting at community outreach events. This partnership helps:

  • Provide hands on experience for undergraduate health studies majors
  • Foster relationships in community
  • Mentor the next generation of health educators and public health professionals

To learn more about this valuable community connection Health studies page

Volunteer Services – Providence Regional Medical Center

Are you a community member looking to volunteer? Providence Regional Medical Center Volunteer Services connects volunteers to life-enriching experiences that support patients, families, and caregivers. To learn more, click here.


    PIHC Hosted Events

    Each year, PIHC hosts or sponsors several events. Learn more about these events below.

    Annual Edge of Amazing Event

     Edge of Amazing (EOA) is a collaboration with many of our community partners. This annual event brings people together to address priority health issues that impact the well-being of our community. Learn more about EOA here.

    Over the past nine years, we’ve been honored to collaborate with many diverse organizations from a variety of sectors. While we can’t name them all, a shout-out to some of those who have facilitated and/or moderated EOA sessions:

    City of Everett, City of Lynwood, Compass Health, Coordinated Care, Daily Herald, Economic Alliance of Snohomish County, Everett Community College, Everett Housing Authority, Homage, Housing Hope, Interfaith Family Shelter, Kaiser Permanente, Leadership Snohomish, NAACP, North Sound Accountable Communities of Health, Refugee & Immigrant Services NW, Safe Harbor Free Clinic, Snohomish County Executive’s Office, Snohomish County Health Leadership Coalition, Snohomish County Human Services, Snohomish County YMCA, Tulalip Tribes, United Way of Snohomish County, University of Washington – Bothell, Verdant Health Commission, Volunteers of America, WGU and Workforce Snohomish.

    Faith and Well-being Quarterly

    Quarterly virtual meetings for Snohomish County faith communities coming together promoting community health and wellbeing, sharing resources, and networking. Everyone is invited to attend.

    Click here to learn more (PDF).

    Healthier Communities Day with the Aquasox

    This annual event showcases Providence service lines and local Snohomish County community partners sharing health related messages for our local community. Come visit all the Healthier Communities Day booths for a fun filled afternoon at Funko Field, cheering for the Everett Aquasox.

    Click here to learn more.

    Partner Stories

    Everett Stroke Survivor Support Group

    Everett Stroke Survivor Support Group

    Patrick Van Horn, recent stroke survivor represented Everett Stroke Survivor support group at Healthier Communities Day, throwing out the first pitch of the game, pictured with wife Laurie Van Horn (right) and Lisa Shumaker RN (left). Everett Stroke Survivor Support...

    Healthier Communities Day was a great success!

    Healthier Communities Day was a great success!

    Providence Regional Medical Center Everett led the pack for Healthier Communities Day with the Everett Aquasox. This annual event brings together several of our Providence Swedish service lines to share preventative health education information, along with bringing...

    Stilly Valley Center Annual Health Fair

    Stilly Valley Center Annual Health Fair

    Stilly Valley Center held their annual health and resource fair June 12th at the Stilly Valley Center, located in Arlington. Several service lines were in attendance including Providence Hospice and Home Care of Snohomish County, Patient Family Advisory Council...