Measure Community Well-being

My Community Health and Well-Being Monitor™

The Health & Well-Being Monitor is a longitudinal survey that measures the health and wellness of Snohomish County residents. Smaller community groups like churches, neighborhoods, or regions within the county can conduct their own survey—a My Community Health and Well Being Monitor. Communities can compare their results with those of the county as a whole—helping to identify key areas for improvement.

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Why Conduct a My Community Health and Well-being Monitor™?

Get a real picture of your community’s well-being

The My Community Health and Well-Being Monitoraddresses all six dimensions of health:

  • Relationships and Social Connections,
  • Mental and Emotional Health,
  • Security and Basic Needs,
  • Neighborhood and Environment,
  • Work, Learning and Growth, and
  • Physical Health.

Conducting a MCHWBM™ helps take the guesswork out, allowing communities to identify and address gaps in well-being. 

Include tailored questions

The base survey covers all six dimensions of health, but some groups need specific data to support their initiatives. A MCHWBM™ allows you to include tailored questions that reflect the needs of your community.

Identify key areas for improvement

Community groups who conduct a MCHWBM™ receive a report that compares their results with PIHC’s countywide results. This helps groups identify key differences and focus efforts on the areas with the greatest opportunity for improvement.

Track changes over time

Many communities choose to conduct a MCHWBM™ annually to measure changes and improvement over time. An annual survey can help organizations measure the effectiveness of their efforts and identify upcoming problems early—while they can still be managed.

Who Conducts a My Community Health and Well-being Monitor™?


Self-defined Communities

Self-defined communities like businesses, churches, neighborhoods, and senior centers use the My Community Health and Well-being Monitor™ to measure and improve the health of their communities over time.

Community Leaders

Community leadership like city administration and government agencies can conduct a My Community Health and Well-being Monitor™ to help set priorities and define budgets.

Community Health Organizations

Community health organizations and nonprofits can conduct a My Community Health and Well-being Monitor™ to help guide efforts and programming in the community they serve.

And More

Any organization that cares about health and well-being can conduct a My Community Health and Well-being Monitor™. To get started, contact us.

Community Case Reports

Learn how our community is using the MCHWBM in the following reports:

Stanwood-Camano Community (PDF)
Improving School Attendance (PDF)
Stillaguamish Valley Community (PDF)

Improving School Attendance

Improving School Attendance uses the Health and Well-being Monitor to help families experiencing homelessness to define well-being priorities and track progress over time. 

MCHWBM Features

Online survey with custom URL

An online survey with a customized URL makes it easy for community members to access the survey via a desktop or mobile device. The URL is easy to display on posters, distribute on postcards, send by email, and more.

Customized Marketing materials

We’ll help you develop customized marketing materials that are meaningful to your community. Materials include posters, postcards, email campaigns, social media posts and more. We meet with your team and walk you through a step-by-step guide to planning and conducting your community survey campaign.

Optional Tailored Questions

Is there something specific you’d like to know about your community? It’s easy to include custom tailored questions in your survey. We’ll help you develop and integrate your tailored questions into the survey.

Detailed Reporting

After your survey has closed, we’ll provide you with a detailed report that includes an overall score, scores for all six dimensions of health, and scores for each individual question. Scores are displayed alongside countywide scores for easy comparison.

Partner Stories

Find Local Well-Being Resources on LiveWellLocal is our online health and well-being hub for Snohomish County. Here you can find and connect with local organizations and resources. 


Edge of Amazing

Edge of Amazing is our annual summit dedicated to connecting, educating and inspiring health and well-being advocates in our community. Learn More.