Our Team

Small but mighty, the team at PIHC is made up of public health professionals who work closely with local community groups, non-profits and other well-being partners. To get in touch, contact us.

Scott Forslund

Founding Executive direct of PIHC and Director of Technology & Innovation/Community Health Investment for PSJH

Jessica Burt, MPH

Director of PIHC Program Operations and Caregiver Equity & Wellbeing

Patty Nichols, LSM

Sr. Community Health
Program Coordinator

Anne Alkema

Program Manager
EOA Event Manager

Jessica Stallings, MPH

Community Health Education

Kaila Alvarez

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager,
Providence NWSA

Our Collaborative Impact

Together with our partners, we’ve impacted thousands of lives in Snohomish County.

Thousands of Needs Met

Total Health connects clinical and social care, helping clinicians connect with social workers and social workers connect with each other. This creates pathways to services for thousands of residents in Snohomish County. Learn more about Total Health.

Thousands of Residents Surveyed

For the last four years, we’ve conducted an annual survey that monitors the health of Snohomish County residents. Each year, a scientifically selected group of residents receives a survey. The results help community leaders plan for emerging needs. Learn more about the Health and Well-being Monitor

Hundreds of Resources Made Available

Livewelllocal.org is a crowd-sourced hub for well-being resources. Together with our partners, we’ve made over hundreds of well-being resources visible to our community and the health and social care providers who serve them. Learn more about PIHC LiveWellLocal.org.