We are Interconnected

Our health and well-being is shaped by the conditions that support all places and people’s ability to thrive

Partnerships in Our Community

Partnerships are at the heart of PIHC’s work. By focusing on partnerships, we work to get access, resources, power and the locus of control as close to to the community as possible. By connecting the community to resources like PIHC LiveWellLocal.org,  health education programs, Edge of Amazing, and the Health and Well-being Monitor, we’re providing programs that can be tailored, controlled and owned by community to use as their own.

Patient Health Equity

Healthcare has been inequitable for generations. At Providence, we are taking steps to advance health equity by dismantling systemic policies and processes that have historically disadvantaged certain populations and have led to significant health inequities. 

Providence Caregivers

This Caregiver Hub has resources you may find helpful, but it is no longer updated regularly. 

Equity & Well-Being Stories

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