What is a PIHC Partner?

Any individuals and organizations in the community that care about well-being are invited to become PIHC Partners. Partners receive access to The Partner Portal, an online hub designed to make it easier to connect with PIHC and the well-being community in Snohomish County. Both individuals and organizations are invited to join.

Help spread the word about LiveWellLocal.org. Access the Community Outreach Kit here.

For more infomation on partnership and livewelllocal.org, visit the PIHC hub.

Partner Benefits

Stay Connected

You’ll receive the latest updates from PIHC, including new research, partner stories, event details, and more. You can manage your communication preferences inside the Portal.

Post LiveWellLocal.org Program Listings for Free

The Partner Portal allows you to post and manage listings to LiveWellLocal.org, a well-being resource hub for Snohomish County. Learn more about LiveWellLocal.org.

Manage Organization Information

Add and update your organization’s details (if applicable) including contact information, location(s), and more. These updates help keep the community informed about the work your organization does.

Invite Co-Workers

Add and remove employees and volunteers at your organization. Co-workers can login to the portal to help manage LiveWellLocal.org listings, access resources, and manage personal communication preferences.

Partner Portal FAQs

Who Should Sign Up for the Partner Portal?

Any individual or organization that is interested in learning about or improving public health and well-being.

What if I’m not Connected to an Organization?

Individuals who are not connected to an organization are welcome to join! Individuals have access to everything an organization does, including well-being research, Edge of Amazing videos, and more. Simply skip over all requests for organization information.

What if my Organization is Already Signed Up?

That’s great! On the sign-up page, you’ll be asked to provide the name of your organization. If someone has already registered your organization with the Partner Portal, you should see it appear in the search bar. Select your organization and you’ll automatically have access to co-workers, LiveWellLocal.org listings, and more.