Working together towards a healthier community

Our Vision

Healthier people, healthier relationships, healthier communities, created together. People who are able to access resources needed not just to survive but thrive. Relationships that honor and value the importance of our shared humanity. Communities that collectively work together to build and support well-being in the spaces where we live, work and play.

Our Team

Our team is made up of  passionate public-health professionals who are deeply integrated in the communities they serve.

What We Do

Measure Community Well-Being

Every year, PIHC conducts a county-wide survey that tracks well-being trends in the community over time. We use the results to identify the areas of greatest need and help local partners focus their efforts more effectively. To learn more, take a look at My Community Health and Well-Being Monitor.

Provide Access to Resources and Education

We develop tools that support access to research and education in the community. These resources help our partners to address all the dimensions of an individual’s health. For more details, see Edge of Amazing and PIHC

Support Individual Well-Being

We create tools that help individuals measure and compare their well-being with the community’s, find nearby well-being resources and create a plan to improve their whole health. For details, see Community Outreach and MyLiveWell360.

Partner With Us

It’s free to become a PIHC Partner. Partners receive access to the Partner Portal where you can find the latest well-being community news, post free PIHC LiveWellLocal listings and more.