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“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” — Arthur Ashe

MyLiveWell360: A Personal Well-being Plan

What matters to people, why it matters, and connections to resources drives health improvement. You can’t get that from your wearable. MyLiveWell360 is “people-powered” health and well-being. An opportunity for you to discover what matters, take action and participate in meaningful program with support from local resources, and monitor progress. You can choose where you want to start and how far you want to go! MyLiveWell360 offers a place to begin or perhaps begin again.

As you begin, remember that health is affected by all the environments we are exposed to. Understanding more about how social determinants or conditions of daily living, and racial inequities contribute to our well-being gives deeper insights into how our personal health is affected by the environments where we work, live and play. Learn more.

Your Personal Well-being Plan – Get Started!

When it comes to well-being, our community identified six key dimensions that work together to enhance health and improve quality of life. A spirit of learning, and growing in each of these dimensions is important if we are to feel fulfilled and whole as individuals and communities.

icons-six-dimensions-of-well-beingDISCOVER: What Matters To You?

My LiveWell360 starts with the discovering more about your own well-being. What do you want to improve? Assess your Overall Well-being – from the University of Minnesota

1. DREAM & DESIGN: Create a Powerful Vision and Great Goals

Guided by what you learned in your overall well-being assessment or what you already know is true for yourself – identify areas of importance and readiness for yourself. A powerful vision allows us to think less about problem solving and more about dreaming or envisioning what ‘might be’. Well-designed goals give us the specific details (a plan), to help move our vision into action. Be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Action Oriented, Reasonable and Time Limited. Download vision/goals worksheet.

2. TAKE ACTION: Connect to Meaningful Resources

You have done the hard work, now use these tools to find resources to support your goals:

LiveWellLocal™ A hyper-local Snohomish County health and well-being search and collaboration tool. 

Connect with organizations for information or services— use the keyword or browse dimensions of well-being that fit your goals. You can also find a community well-being event calendar on our Facebook page. Follow us and keep posted on the latest local events and health tips!

Live Well Self-Help Library. Categorized by dimensions well-being, find easy access to online self-care resources and tools. Download Self-Help Library.


Re-assess to check progress, gain new insights and set new goals. Check out these Healthy Ways to Celebrate Success and why it’s important!

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