Our Community Comes First

It is our belief that we will always reproduce who we are. Therefore, if Providence’s Promise is to create health for a better world, that health and well-being has to start with our own team.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion MATTERS.

Diversity, equity and inclusion honors our humanity and helps each us live into our full potential – rooted in a sense of belonging and care for one another. As the third largest medical community within the United States, Providence NWWA has committed itself to a vision of building, “Health for a Better World;” a world that is diverse and inclusive of all races, genders, religions, identities, and experiences. With a promise to “Know you, care for you, and ease your way,” Providence NWSA acknowledges its responsibility to embrace, empower, and equip our profoundly diverse Caregivers, Patients and Communities. As an institution that is founded upon the principles of compassion, human dignity, and justice, Providence NWSA stands behind the mission to create a world where our Caregivers, our Patients, and our Community are not only diverse, but they also belong.


The NWSA is on a mission to create a culture that not only embraces others, but also equips you to fully embrace who you are.

With a statistical reality that 2/3 of every employee in the nation feels like they have to hide a part of who they are, Providence is committed to changing this reality. We believe that people are fearfully and wonderfully made and therefore Providence is on mission to produce a culture where all our Caregivers can come as they are to work. 

Explore Caregiver Resource Groups

Providence NWSA is launching a brand new initiation to build community locally for our Caregivers by building out a CRG program. For more information contact [email protected] to join or start one today.

Pending CRG’s Include: LGBTQAI+, BlPOC, and Interfaith

Join the NWWA Diversity & Well-Being Committee

To learn more about the Committee, click here.


Caregiver Resource Hub

Connect to Resource HUB – Empowering our caregivers begins with an active plan to close the gap between those who face systemic marginalization. By empowering our Caregivers with resources like Financial Stability, Equitable Benefits, Opportunities for Upskilling, & Strategies for better Physical & Mental Well-being, we not only increase the probability of a longer life but a more equitable life.


Knowledge is POWER.

We cannot change what we do not understand. In order to propel our Caregivers in strong Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) skills, Providence has partnered with LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft to equip our Caregivers with different training programs and learning pathways to increase their DEI knowledge.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion manager, Kaila Alvarez

Meet Kaila Alvarez, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Manager

With a statistical reality that 12.5% of individuals are facing discrimination, it is of no surprise that Providence NWSA employees are facing the exact same percentage of discrimination.  Providence has taken the action to hire Kaila Alvarez, as the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Manager. With a mission to serve and bring equity to our caregivers, Kaila has begun the process of empowering, advocating, and initiating a plan that brings tangible equity to Providence’s own family. Kaila’s personal motto is create a world where people are SEEN, HEARD, and LOVED. In order to do this, we seek to address past wounds, name issues impacting our caregivers present realities, and preparing for a more reconciled future. We understand that by bettering our Caregivers we better the care for our patients and by serving our patients we are also empowering the issues of our community.

My Community Health and Well-being Monitor

Learn how your organization can measure  well-being by conducting a My Community Health and Well-being Monitor.