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How did Snohomish County Residents Physical Health?

From 2023 Snohomish County PIHC Health and Well-being Monitor.
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2023 summary report.

This year Physical Health was the most impactful indicator on our county’s overall well-being score. Not surprisingly, results showed that exercise greatly impacts our physical health satisfaction as well as having a sense of purpose and meaning. Stress is also a factor in satisfaction levels with the current state of physical health. Physical health is strongly related to multiple areas that impact our stress levels; our satisfaction with work or job, financial security, and ability to meet basic needs.

Physical Health Is Not Only About Diet and Exercise

Look for a variety of local resources to support
physical health and well-being at www.livewelllocal.org

Visit our webpage to learn more about the annual PIHC Health and Wellbeing Monitor  which measures indicators that our community identified within six key dimensions that work together to enhance health and improve quality of life, and how smaller community groups like churches, neighborhoods, or regions within the county can conduct their own survey—a My Community Health and Well Being Monitor.

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