We are Interconnected

Our health and well-being is shaped by the conditions that support all places and people’s ability to thrive

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion MATTERS.

Diversity, equity and inclusion honors our humanity and helps each us live into our full potential – rooted in a sense of belonging and care for one another. As the third largest medical community within the United States, Providence NWWA has committed itself to a vision of building, “Health for a Better World;” a world that is diverse and inclusive of all races, genders, religions, identities, and experiences. With a promise to “Know you, care for you, and ease your way,” Providence NWSA acknowledges its responsibility to embrace, empower, and equip our profoundly diverse Caregivers, Patients and Communities. As an institution that is founded upon the principles of compassion, human dignity, and justice, Providence NWSA stands behind the mission to create a world where our Caregivers, our Patients, and our Community are not only diverse, but they also belong.

Equity in Our Community

Health and well-being equity is at the heart of PIHC work. By connecting the community to health resources through PIHC LiveWellLocal.org, helping connect clinical and social care through TotalHealth, and by measuring the well-being of our community through the Health and Well-being Monitor, we’re working to make well-being accessible to everyone in the community. 

Providence Caregivers

Here at Providence, we understand that change begins internally. After the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, we must humbly acknowledge that we have work to do. People like the BlPOC Community, Immigrant Community, and LGBTQAI+ Community are an essential part of who we are. Providence acknowledges that we must take swift action.

Providence Northwest Workforce Demographics

Quarter 4, 2020. Updated Quaterly.

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