Community Outreach

Access to reliable health information is a powerful contributor to the health of individuals, families and communities. Engaging individuals where they live, work and play builds meaningful relationships and expanded partnerships that empower shared knowledge, better connections to resources and confidence in leading healthier lives.

Our education/outreach team draws from a variety of service lines across Providence Regional Medical Center Everett, each with their specific focus and area of interest. Collectively, we promote awareness of key priority public health, health education, and prevention messages for our diverse communities. Team members are advocates and trusted resources for science-based health information, messages and campaigns on a variety of topics.

Health Education Outreach Topics

  • Creating a Personal Well-being Plan (community resources/tools available to everyone)
  • Chronic Disease Prevention (information on physical activity, reduced screen time, healthy diet and stress reduction)
  • Healthy Relationships and Self-Care
  • Hospice and Home Care
  • Injury Prevention (including ‘Stop The Bleed’ – basic techniques of bleeding control in emergency situations) learn more
  • Inside-Out Organ Show
  • Intervention Center for Assault and Abuse 
  • Stroke Awareness – Prevention, Signs and Recognition (on blood pressure readings as available) 

*Topics are tailored to any audience and cover wide variety of well-being areas. Topics and availability are staff dependent.To see additional Providence NWWA classes, support group, or services go to and key word search ‘Providence.’

Contact us to work with a well-being partner who is dedicated to building relationships that protect and promote community health.

Community Networking and Events

Intentionally connecting to network with others who share similar interests helps improve our collective efforts. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the Faith & Community Well-being Quarterly or our annual Edge of Amazing Summit. 

Faith and Well-Being Quarterly’s

The role of the faith community in the health and well-being of our county is often ‘hidden in plain sight’. Alliances between diverse faith congregations, health systems and other community organizations are developing creative approaches to meet the most pressing health needs of their communities. The purpose of the Faith and Well-being Quarterly is to enhance our communities overall well-being through faith-based partnerships. Join us to learn about the powerful efforts in our faith communities happening today, connect with new opportunities to collaborate, and discover practical take-a-ways to support each other.

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Our Programs

Learn more about all of the ways we can partner to promote well-being in the community.