Connecting Clinical And Social Care


TotalHEALTH™ is a social needs screening, resource and referral tool designed to integrate practice across sectors (health, social services, education, economic) making it easier to address shared goals, pool resources and improve social needs together.

Why use

Well-being requires more than clinical care

Well-being is multidimensional. In fact, 50% of health outcomes are related to social and economic factors like housing, income and food security. 30% of outcomes are related to healthy behaviors, like exercise, nutrition, sleep, and safety measures. Only 20% of health outcomes are determined by clinical care and genetics. TotalHEALTH™ helps shift the conversation about well-being into all of the dimensions of health.

Address whole health and assess social risk factors

TotalHEALTH™ gives providers the opportunity to ask the right questions, offer viable solutions, easily communicate with other professionals and track client progress in real-time, all with just a few mouse clicks. TotalHEALTH™ creates a community around a patient – a space where providers can work together to address needs.

Use a flexible, tailored right time, right place approach

Essential questions about social needs often go unasked because providers aren’t trained or don’t have access to resources to address client needs. TotalHEALTH™ makes it easy for providers to ask the right questions in the right time and place.

Leverage the power of community resources and referrals

Many resources in our community are under or over-utilized. TotalHEALTH™ allows data to be gathered in a virtual space. Accurate data helps organizations improve community resources by expanding the right services. TotalHEALTH’s peer-to-peer collaborations reduce duplication, freeing up time for partners to meet more needs.

Who Uses TotalHEALTH?

Housing or Employee Specialists

Needs like housing and employment go hand-in-hand. It’s difficult to get one without the other. Social care professionals use TotalHEALTH™ to connect clients with the additional resources they need to create lasting improvement in well-being.

Clinical Providers

Clinical providers regularly encounter patients whose social needs are contributing to poor health outcomes. These providers use TotalHEALTH™ to quickly connect patients with social care and track outcomes over time.

Community Organizations

Community organizations like churches and senior centers use TotalHEALTH™ to track the well-being of their populations and connect individuals with the resources they need in the community.

And More

Any organization that cares about health and well-being can use TotalHEALTH™. For more information about how your organization could benefit from TotalHEALTH™, contact us.

TotalHEALTH™ Features


We work with you through a personalized ‘Steps to Success’ plan – providing outcome measures that match your capacity. Partners are trained on how to engage with the Custom Common Portal to track needs, find tailored resources, and connect with community referral partners. Ongoing monthly and quarterly coaching and goal setting are available.

Custom Common Portal

Managing your TotalHEALTH™ project is all done through the HIPPA compliant Custom Common Portal. With a few simple clicks, organizations can track their client’s self-identified social needs. Screening and referral partners are able to work together to leverage community capacity, provide easier resource accessibility and better health outcomes together.

Custom Assessment

The TotalHEALTH™ Quick Check, is a social risk factor needs assessment that offers a systematic way to screen clients for issues such as food insecurity, needs for basic transportation, housing, and more. The TotalHEALTH™ Quick Check screening question can be modified to meet an organizations screening and confidentiality needs. Integration

The portal offers easy access to resources through our built-in well-being resource hub. Resource reports can be downloaded and printed or sent to clients by email. Connected referral partners are accessed in real-time through the portal for direct referral links to community partners.

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