Taqueria Puebla Provides Meals for Vaccine Equity Clinic Volunteers

Thank you Taqueria Puebla!

Taqueria Puebla

Thank you to Taqueria Puebla who provided wonderful meals for Vaccine Equity Clinic Volunteers!

On March 23rd, Taqueria Puebla delivered meals to volunteers serving at a weekly Vaccine Equity Clinic. Each week the clinic works with local partners to administer vaccines set aside for underserved populations. Learn more about the Vaccine Equity Clinic Partnership here.

About the Taqueria Puebla:

Three sisters from Puebla, a small town near Mexico City have opened the newest Taqueria in Lynnwood!

Blanca, Rosa & Soco are bringing recipes handed down from generations to the Mexican food lovers of Snohomish county.

Keeping the tradition alive of learning from in-laws, Executive Chef Adrian Ramirez of Red Cork Bistro & Catering is Blanca & Rosa’s brother-in-law.

Chef Adrian had the idea of opening a Mexican restaurant. He wanted the Menu to showcase the flavors of Puebla. He proposed the idea to Rosa, Blanca & Soco. They loved it! Adrian taught them the business side of running a restaurant and they all shared their family recipes to create a delicious menu true to their hometown of Puebla.

Their vision came to life on May 1st, 2019, when they opened Taqueria Puebla for business at their location in Lynnwood.

Taqueria Puebla brings you real house made Mexican recipes. From the Al Pastor, a recipe passed down from their grandfather, the authentic Mole Poblano & the Chile Rellenos, a recipe from their mother. You will feel the love put into their food from here to Puebla!

To learn more about Taqueria Puebla, visit their website.

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