Standing in Solidarity with our AAPI Communities

In solidarity with our AAPI communities, we condemn acts of hatred and racism.

In solidarity with aapi communities

Over the past year there has been an alarming increase in the number of acts of violence and hate committed against members of Asian immigrant and Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities across the country and a bright light has been shining on the disparities and inequalities that have long existed in our country. We have a long way to go to end hate and institutional racism.

In solidarity with our AAPI communities we condemn acts of hatred and racism. We have much work to do to realize our PIHC vision of healthier people, healthier relationships, and healthier communities, created together. While we pray for peace, safety and healing, there is much more we can do to support our vulnerable populations:

  • Deepen our own personal awareness of the unconscious biases we carry and racial caricatures or stereotypes we may use as a lens when we see other human beings in their diversity. We think think this is a great resource:
  • Use proper clinical/public health language for coronavirus or other illnesses and avoid any blaming or racially loaded terms.
  • Show our support by exercising active listening, respectful curiosity and appropriate solidarity with those who are more subject to dehumanizing or “othering” attitudes or behavior.
  • Call out disrespectful speech or actions that perpetuate any diminishing of our fellow human beings’ dignity as people who belong in our community.

Our values – especially listening to our community, striving for equality and creating lasting relationships – must be at the forefront as we comfort those who seek care and while we confront structural racism and systemic inequality.

– Kaila Alvarez & PIHC Team

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