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Mother’s Day Food Celebration

May 9, 2022

Colby Cafeteria Food Celebration

As we celebrate and honor caregivers, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can be opportunities to recognize the diversity of family structures. There are blended, foster and grandparent-led families and homes where other loving people have stepped into mothering roles and often go unacknowledged. There are single parents – moms and dads – LGBTQ parents, yet-to-be moms, moms who have tried and haven’t been able to have a child, parents who have adopted… there are all types of moms – nurturers and caregivers. To celebrate the mother figures in our lives and to acknowledge all aspects and journeys of motherhood, the Colby cafeteria will have a Mother’s Day celebration menu on May 9.

Menu Avocado Toast Fruit Salad Bacon Coffee Cake

Mother’s Day Around the World


Each October, Hindus honor Durga, the goddess of mothers, during the 10-day festival known as Durga Puja. The celebration is thought to date back to the sixteenth century and is considered both a religious ceremony and a time for family reunions. One story tells of Durga returning to her parents’ home to show off her own children. Families spend weeks preparing food, gathering gifts, and decorating their homes for the festival. Bring it home: Visit other moms you know, among both friends and family, and bring home-cooked goods to share.


Following World War II, a version of Mother’s Day grew popular as a way of comforting mothers who had lost sons to the war. You’ll see carnations presented around this March holiday, as they symbolize the sweetness and endurance of motherhood in Japanese culture. Originally, children gave a red carnation to a living mother and displayed a white one if their mother had died. Now, white has become the traditional color. Bring it home: Write notes of gratitude to thank the moms who help your family. Tie the notes to white carnations and leave the flowers on the moms’ doorsteps.


The Antrosht festival, observed at the end of the rainy season in early fall, is dedicated to moms. After the weather clears for good, family members from all over flock to their homes for a large meal and celebration. Daughters traditionally bring vegetables and cheese, while sons supply meat. Together, they prepare a meat hash and sing and perform dances that tell stories of family heroes. Bring it home: Share stories about the women in your family. Go through your photo albums together and create a personal scrapbook of those special moms who’ve come before you.

If you have questions about the AAPI Month food celebration, please reach out to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Lead Brooke Chhina at [email protected].


May 9, 2022