Edmonds Health and Fitness Expo

Join the family fun!

Edmonds Parks and Recreation held its 12th annual Health & Fitness Expo at the Edmonds School District Stadium. Swedish Edmonds Stroke and Providence Institute for a Healthier Community (PIHC) were excited to be part of the fun this year! This free event is catered to families and kids of all ages promoting health and fitness; attendees had the opportunity to get a free bike helmet, make your own vegetable garden, ride the bike blender smoothie, and get a t-shirt for participating in the MOVE 60! Fun Run.

With May being Stroke Awareness month, Kristen McDonald, with Swedish Edmonds Stroke, had a fun educational game for folks to learn about B.E.F.A.S.T. – B – Balance: Watch for sudden loss of balance, E – Eyes: Check for vision loss, F – Face: Look for an uneven smile, A – Arm: Check if one arm is weak, S – Speech: Listen for slurred speech, T – Time: Call 9-1-1 right away. 

Amall Al Safadi Kurbaj, PMG Community Health Worker, was onsite to support families and individuals in getting access to care and medical coverage through apple health.  

PIHC supplied jump ropes to get kids moving and grooving, learning the importance of heart health and physical activity. Access to community well-being resources using PIHC Snohomish County Resource Hub www.livewelllocal.org was promoted throughout this event, educating families where they can find resources tailored to their needs, from swim lessons to summer camps.

This was a great collaborative event with over 350 people coming out to play, despite the cold weather conditions. We look forward to next year, hope to see you there!

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