Camano Center Resource Fair

Providence Everett shares stroke information and local resources with attendees

Providence Everett Stroke services along with Providence Institute for a Healthier Community (PIHC) partnered together with Camano Center for their annual Resource Fair, with the help of PIHC’s fieldwork student from UW-Bothell health studies, Annie Edwards. Our Stroke department provided educational information for spotting the signs of a stroke, what to do if a stroke is suspected, and how to prevent having a stroke. PIHC shared with attendees healthy messaging about the importance of movement with the goal of helping people live healthier lives through increased physical activity from the Move Your Way campaign and access to the resource hub was shared, where folks can find local resources from physical activity, walking trails, and support groups. Folks who attended the event received a free lunch and had the opportunity to attend presentations to learn more about healthy living and aging and navigating local programs and support services.

Thank you, Camano Center, for having us at another successful resource fair!

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