Watch: Your Well-being is My Well-being, Are We Listening Yet?

Exploring the Value of Collectivism

members of the you being well panel

We are a nation built on the ideals of rugged individualism, individual rights, including basic human rights. This has opened many opportunities for some, but not for all, as these ideals are still applied selectively to benefit, protect, and preserve the status quo. The disparities of Covid-19, our nation’s response to systemic racism and violence, and climate change have shined a bright light on the limits of individualism – even the façade of individualism – in solving for some of our greatest challenges as a culture, as human beings, and as inhabitants of this planet.  Each of our keynote speakers will share how this false narrative impacts our well-being, practically shows ups in our lives and our communities, and affects our interconnections and hopes for the future – particularly in the areas of climate change, our housing crisis, and health inequities/disparities.

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