2023 Heath and Well-being Monitor Results

2023 results revealed that Heath and Well-being in Snohomish County is becoming even more polarized

Providence Institute for a Healthier Community recently released the full 2023 Snohomish Countywide Health and Well-being Survey at the Annual Edge of Amazing Conference, held October 18th at the Delta Marriott in Everett. The report was also highlighted in The Daily Herald on that same day – see The Daily Herald article here. Each year, the Providence Institute for a Healthier Community surveys a representative sample of the county’s 800,000+ residents to set an annual standard measure of health and well-being.

The survey covers well-being indicators across six dimensions of health. The results paint a picture of opportunities and challenges to the health and well-being of Snohomish County residents.  This year, results revealed that self-reported health has declined since 2021. For the second straight year, Snohomish County residents’ health is more polarized. More people reported they are “struggling’ and more people reported they are “flourishing.” But overall, self-reported well-being was on the decline, and if it were an overall grade, it would be a “D+”.

Specifically, relationship, job and financial satisfaction have declined this year. Half of residents who completed the survey reported problems accessing basic needs such as health care and food. Despite declines or status quo from last year, residents reported some improvements. Overall, there is greater sense of self-efficacy (individual capacity and motivation to improve), less reported discrimination and more felt that their neighborhoods are a good place to raise a family.

Residents consider their physical health, mental/emotional health and relationship and social connection as the three biggest impacts in their overall health and well-being. The drivers of these indicators are interrelated and span across dimensions. They include exercise, job satisfaction, financial security, opportunities for learning & growth, purpose and meaning, community belonging, and neighborhood quality. In addition to identifying problem area, it is important to highlight what it takes to flourish and move in that direction. You can find the 2023 countywide summary report here.

Learnings from the community well-being indicators inform Providence Swedish North Puget Sound three-year Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) process and hospital requirements. The survey also provides smaller communities the opportunity to host their own surveys, assess hyperlocal health and well-being data and drive community action plans, called a My Community Health and Well-being Monitor. To learn more about countywide results or how to host your own community monitor, e-mail Patty Nichols or Jessica Burt at www.pihcsnohomish.org

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