TotalHEALTH™ is an innovative collaborative, co-created with trusted partners in our own communities, which screens and navigates people for unmet needs when they visit their doctor, social service partner or community organization, unleashing the power of community to improve whole-person health.

The Need clearly exists in Snohomish County.

30% of county residents lack at least one basic need based on July 2018 results of the annual Snohomish County Health & Well-being Monitor.

14% of our community lacked two or more needs in critical areas:

The return on investment is promising.

Studies from our Washington to the Other Washington indicate that every dollar spent investing in basic needs may return anywhere from $1.90 to $16 or more to the local economy.

Yet the U.S. has been slow to respond due concerns about “free-riders,” “silos,” competition for resources, and a focus on short-term results.

TotalHEALTH™ opens new windows of hope and belief – connecting especially with people whose level of overall well-being is compromised, and who may not believe they can do anything more to improve their situation.

How TotalHEALTH works

Beginning in 2017, TotalHEALTH partners working with the Providence Institute for a Healthier Community began systematically:

  • Convening networks of clinical and social service partners
  • Co-creating integrated screening/navigation systems, protocols, processes and training
  • Screening and navigating people for 7 social and medical needs
  • Creating an integrated, community-accessible, HIPAA compliant data and analytic platform on which partners could work together in unprecedented ways ACROSS systems.

Now we are working with our partners to:

  • Integrate networks of clinical and community partners commited to collaboration
  • Improve access to services and build awareness of existing community needs & resources
  • Influence the “supply side” build capacity of social services where needed most
  • Compare ROI of social needs investment on Health & Well-being, healthcare cost and utilization

Our long-term goal:

  • Make social-needs investment a normal part of the health cost equation…
  • REDEFINE HEALTHCARE to address whole-person and community health.

Transforming partnerships from a clinical orientation to addressing the Six Dimensions of Health and Well-being:

TotalHEALTH – Advancing in Three “Waves”

  • Wave 1: Clinical partners
    • Population: ‘patients’ working with multiple clinical partners
    • Began: 2017+
    • TotalHEALTH screening and navigation: 7 nonmedical needs
  • Wave 2: Social Services Partners
    • Population: People who are ‘homeless,’ ‘jobless,’ ‘hungry,’ without transportation, lacking needed jobs or education, or victims of personal violence
    • Starting: 2019
    • TotalHEALTH screening and navigation: 6 nonmedical needs plus access to health care
  • Wave 3: Communities
    • Population: “People!”
    • Starting: 2019 (first community: Refugees and Immigrants)
    • TotalHEALTH screening and navigation: 7 nonmedical needs plus access to health care

Early results are promising

  • Well over 1,400 positive screens identifying nearly 3,000 specific needs – and growing monthly
  • Exciting differences in needs by organization, and by local community
  • Life-changing experiences
  • Building the ability to connect these experiences with changes in healthcare cost and utilization, and overall impact on health and well-being.

Please contact us for more information about the TotalHEALTH partnership, its impacts and how you can join in this important work.

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