Our Collective Strength – Local Community Resources

Local community resources and assets are vital to supporting whole person health and improving population health. Being able to easily locate meaningful information and linking people to resources they need provides a means for individuals and families to take action by engaging with community resources that can support their goals.

LiveWellLocal is a hyper-local search and collaboration tool for health and well-being resources that makes it easy to find and connect with the many community assets in Snohomish County that support health and healing. Making visible the unique strengths, assets and skills of individual organizations and of our collective community. Download a flyer to share with your community.

Key features make a difference

  • LiveWellLocal is organized by what matters to our community—promoting a means to take action and improve well-being by making connections to meaningful resources for better health.* Download Six Dimensions of Well-being.
  • LiveWellLocal provides opportunities for communities to work together to gather and share information – expanding the depth, usability and equity of available resources. Learn how to become a collaborator below.

*LiveWellLocal serves a foundation for action and referrals through a variety of our initiatives: Community Health and Well-being Monitor, TotalHealth, MyLiveWell360 and Health Education and Events.

Who Can Use LiveWellLocal

    • Individuals within Snohomish County who want to take action and improve their own well-being by engaging with supportive community resources.
    • Snohomish County health and social service providers who refer or support clients/patients with well-being needs and goals
    • Organizations who want to promote well-being and improve population health.

Connect with a wide range of local assets that enhance the quality of life for you, your family and your community in Snohomish County.

Become a LiveWellLocal Community Collaborator

Become an active collaborator in promoting well-being and improving population health in our community. Help connect people with assets that can support them. Recognize and make visible the strengths, assets and skills of our community to improve health and wellbeing.

Wondering if you are already part of the over 1600 resource listings? Go to LiveWellLocal and type in your organization or program name. Is the information accurate or complete? Join us to control your content and accurately reflect our community’s resources. Using the Partner Portal, you can edit locations, service listings, hours of operation and the populations you serve.

Who’s Eligible? Public, private, non-profit, for-profit providers, faith-based organizations, advocacy groups, web-based providers or any others who offer services that contribute to overall health and well-being of our community.

I Want to Create a Healthier Community Create an account and then select the LiveWellLocal checkbox to add and edit your programs and resources. Download Partner Portal Sign-Up Guide


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