My Community Health & Well-Being Monitor

The strength of community and trusted leaders

Our local organizations, programs and naturally occurring community networks are trusted leaders who provide support and resources for many of their community member’s well-being needs – powerful agents of change who can empower individuals, families and social networks by impacting not only individual knowledge, attitudes and behaviors, but also community social norms and values. However, these networks may lack an affordable and cohesive solution to measure well-being, inform action steps and track progress.

‘My Community Health and Well-being Monitor’, is an opportunity for communities to build upon the infrastructure of the Countywide Health and Well-being Monitor. A community version of the monitor supporting your community’s innate strengths, including the option to add tailored questions based on your needs.  ‘My Community Health & Well-being Monitor’ is available to help holistically inform a well-being plan for your community or measure your existing program impact; evaluating both your target measures and overall health and well-being of your community – the staying power of your work!

How Can a Community Version of the Health and Well-being Monitor™ Help My Community?
  • Provides a deeper avenue for community voice gaining better insights into specific pockets of sub-communities, where the biggest strengths and/or greatest needs may get masked in a larger random sample survey
  • Supports an additional source of data organizations can use for planning, grants, and to guide action; identifying strengths, gaps and evaluating progress.
  • Delivers a benchmark to compare countywide or across similar communities.
  • Links program outcomes to the staying power of overall health and well-being and population health measures.
  • Offers a validated, accessible, and affordable avenue for groups in our community to use and apply this resource.
What Data will My Community Health and Well-being Monitor Provide?

The Community Health and Well-being Monitor™ data provides you with a snapshot of the health and well-being of your community – perceptions, satisfaction, and behaviors, related to Six Dimensions of Health that resonates with our communities. Your data will also include any tailored questions you choose add related to your specific program or needs.

Your results will be tabulated into a report for use with your community. Your report will include aggregates of the following:

  • Your Community’s Demographics
  • Core 4™ Overall Well-being Satisfaction and Composite Well-being Index
  • Self-Efficacy ‘CAN DO’ Belief Grid
  • At A Glance: Your Communities Well-being Highlights & Opportunities
  • Well-being Dimension Bar Charts
Next Steps. So NOW What?

You can choose where you want to start and how far you want to go! ‘My Community Health and Well-being Monitor’, offers the first step Discovery, to a complete community well-being plan called Our LiveWell360. Our LiveWell360 offers guidance that may be helpful to move from information to action.

After Discovery, the next steps are to Dream & Design to create meaningful programs with a powerful vision and goal setting, move into Action with support from local resources at LiveWellLocal, and Monitor Progress by re-taking the Health & Well-being Monitor™  with your community to check progress, celebrate success, gain new insights and set new goals. To learn more, Download Our LiveWell360 flyer.

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