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LiveHealthy 2020 Signatories At The Edge of Amazing 2015 Health Summit.

Providence Institute for a Healthier Community is partnering with clinics and social service agencies to identify those needing a hand up to stand tall and secure their footing when life feels shaky.

Together, we are finding families in Snohomish County who need better access to food, housing, transportation, jobs, help with paying for utilities, education that will help them get jobs, affordable healthcare, or escape from domestic violence.

Your donations to Providence Institute for a Healthier Community make a difference:

  • $15 – Screen four people for their basic needs and safety.
  • $25 – Maintain the LiveWellLocal online hub of community resources (one hour).
  • $30 – Help three people find a food bank, housing, public transportation, a job, help with paying utilities, vocational education, healthcare, or safety from domestic violence.

Thank you for being a key partner in helping everyone feel welcome and at home in Snohomish County.


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